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Comparison Between Wordpress And Blogger

by James Pravato file under Blog with tags ,

Many people are using paid blogging services though there are free blogging sites like and Blogger. The comparison of blogger vs WordPress is given below and anyone looking for the free site can understand the pros and cons and make the selection. The different factors of and Blogger are compared below and it is very helpful for the beginners.

Blogger is owned by Google and it is the free, trustworthy website and allows your content to publish on the internet. Google is the hosting service provider and you must remember that you are not the owner of the blog and Google has the rights to it. It has the right to shutdown it at any time. When using the Wordpress for blog creation you are the owner of your blog and you have the complete right to shut down or run it as per your own interest. You are the owner of the data so you can manage which data to share with the third party.

In Blogger you have only the limited tools and it restricts you to do only certain things. If you need any other additional elements to improve your website you will not get it in Blogspot blog. Wordpress is open source software and it allows you to add additional features. It has several thousands of plug0ins that allow you to add or modify the default features like making portfolio, adding a store to your site and many others.

You have only limited number of templates in Blogger. You cannot create your own layouts and you cannot make any modifications to the template other than changing the font color and layouts. The templates available in the non-official Blogger is of very low-quality. In Wordpress, you have both the free and premium themes that allow you to set a unique template to your website. You can get themes in Wordpress for any type of website. It has high-quality themes that are easy to customize.

It is a difficult process to move your website from blogger to any other platform. There are possibilities of losing your SEO rank during the transformation. Though you have exported your content to another platform, your content still remains on Google servers for a long period. You don’t have any such problem in Wordpress. You can move your website from Wordpress to any other platform. Even you can change the host and domain name of your website. You can enjoy more SEO benefits in Wordpress and not in Blogger.

The security option of Blogger is robust. You don’t want to worry about the security of your server’s resources and taking backups. Wordpress also offers you better security but you want to take the backups because it is a self-hosted website. It is the simple task using WordPress plug-ins.

The support function offered by Blogging is very limited. It has only basic documentation and user forum whereas WordPress offers you an active support system. In WordPress, you have online documentation, chatrooms, community forums where you can seek help from the experts and professional bloggers.