How To Be Successful On Amazon? Here’s Some Help!

This article is for all those who currently sell products on Amazon and those who have the plan to sell. You may also like to have a look at the review of Blackbird Suite which is a complete training package to develop great business in Amazon. Here are some steps to help you achieve success in Amazon. According to, many people are making money through Amazon.

Thoroughly research about the product opportunities

First, decide what to sell. Check the categories in It would be good to choose lightweight, easy to ship products where there are less competition and chances for a decent profit margin.

Ensure that your product stand out from the rest

Look out the competitions for your products, check the negative reviews about them and find ways to rectify the issues through your product.

Find the right suppliers

There are numerous suppliers waiting for your order. You have to do research and check for credibility before choosing.

Analyze your potential profit

The price quoted by most suppliers are negotiable. So do the negotiations before settling for the final prices. Consider the cost of packing, inspecting, shipping and also the Amazon charge while analyzing your profit margin.

Test various samples

Order various samples of the product from multiple suppliers and meticulously check the quality before finalizing a supplier.

Place the order

Once you are happy with a supplier and his products, finalize your negotiations and place the order. It would be wise to order the minimum possible quantity.

Make your own logo/brand

Think about your potential customers and design a logo or brand that attracts them. Go for something simple and impressive. Set up a website and a Facebook page.

Design the product packages

Packaging should be in compliance with your brand. It should be of reasonable standard. Start with something compact and simple. You can work on the improvements later.

Arrange the product photographs and design the page attractively Make use of detailed professional photographs of your product to design the product detail page. Photographs are what attracts the customers, so be careful!

List your product on Amazon Your product should be listed on Amazon with keyword inclusive titles. Use bullets to highlight the key features. Write detailed descriptions.

Create the bar codes

Amazon products require a barcode or UPC. You can apply for Amazon’s brand registration and use the unique identifier they provide. Use the bar codes on your packages and products.

Set up a way of shipping

Small items can be shipped through reliable courier companies. You may need a freight forwarder if the orders are more than 100 kg.

Prepare your email follow-ups

You must plan your email follow ups rightly. Customers should be notified when the product is shipped, time of delivery, etc. Use at least three emails.

Plan your launch campaign

Launching should be done right to ensure success. You must make sure to get reviews. Reviews are very important when it comes to sales. Turn on ads and encourage external traffic.

Provide excellent customer support

Last but not the least, provide excellent service to customers!

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