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Quick Guide to Android App Development

Android, a Linux based mobile operating system from Google is ruling the world today. It is due to its compatibility and user friendliness with the product. Lot of app developing companies has flourished targeting the android OS. Therefore, the demand for developing apps compatible with Android is essential and the companies are working hard to develop it. In addition, it has been proved that the android smart phones are preferred that the IOS. This is due to the user-friendly nature of the Android OS. Though Android is preferred by many users, it also has some drawbacks in it. The seriously considered threat of the Android is the Security Measures. In order to allow its space to be utilized by the larger community, the company is not that strict with the security measures. This helps to develop android apps, which support variety of other apps. One needs to be very cautious about the apps that are installed in the device. The apps downloaded from the unknown sources are the reason for threats, as they do not come with the required security measures. Using encrypted data is advisable as this would help in enhancing the security practices and it is the new trend in mobile app development. It is advised that you should not store ay highly sensitive information in the android phone, as there is a good possibility that the hackers may use it. The android apps should o through the obfuscation process. This is just to encrypt the key used in the encryption process. Permissions to the android apps should be restricted. It can be used only in case of need, not always. This will prevent data violation. The android developing companies should remember these essential issues in order to increase the efficiency of the android products in the near future.